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Success has taken QSS from a once small kitchen producing 7,000 meals per day to a grand central kitchen with a production capacity of 50,000 meals per day, not to mention the meals that come out from the clients’ own kitchen.  The massive growth of our client base between private and government sectors has led QSS into predicting an increasing demand for other services such as cleaning, housekeeping, construction and maintenance, laundry, manpower supply, pest control and waste management.  This necessitated the expansion of our operations into a wider scale. 

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Qatar Star Services can maintain and manage all essential services for your premises including: Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance & Services, AC Maintenance, HVAC Operations & Maintenance, Water Management & Plumbing,  Energy/Safety Services, Help Desk, Housekeeping & Janitorial Services, G a r d e n  &  L a w n  Maintenance,  Pest Control Services, Waste Management, Catering Services etc.   We will ensure that your assets are working efficiently. We are able to handle serviced-apartments, towers, villa complex, office buildings, factories etc. We have high skilled maintenance team to manage buildings equipped with Automated Building Management System through our Green Building Policy.

Our vast experience in facility management allows us unparalleled opportunity to serve the needs of your property. We have a professional engineering team with specialized training for planned/preventive or unplanned/reactive maintenance, diagnose and  repair the problems, replace damaged parts, and test to make sure that repairs are successful.

We focus to improve energy efficiency in buildings.   Its   aim   is  to   adopt techniques to save energy in building impacts on the interior, local, regional and global environments, work on the optimization of building envelopes, advanced local energy planning, computer-aided fault detection and diagnosis, and the use of daylight in buildings and improving the availability and use of design tools.


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When  facility  management  contract  is  signed,  we  send  a  term  of  engineers  and specialists to visit the property, establish an accurate inventory and label all equipment and location in the building, using a state of the art Computerized Maintenance Management Software(CMMS). We establish a report that points out findings and recommendations related to each and every operational aspect of the maintenance of the building.

We prepare a preventive maintenance schedule including all tasks needed to be done.

Based on the equipment inventoried, we prepare offer for the analysis and or maintenance of existing equipment. Based on this schedule, we review with the customer all existing services contracts and perform a two-way optimization analysis:

  • Service Partner with Subcontractors

  • Deployment of Technical Team

  • Service Partner Contract + On Call Basis

  • Operations Maintenance Team with Subcontractor


Maintenance management is strategic to your organization.  Its objective is to ensure smooth operation of your business facilities and protect your investment by preventing failures, down times and the consequential loss of revenue and productivity. We take in charge of your whole maintenance department to the daily maintenance operations. We help you in addressing important maintenance questions, such as..

•Assets inventory and status

•Daily maintenance operations

•Preventive/Reactive maintenance operations

•Spare parts inventory and suppliers management



  • Our maintenance services cover a wide range of equipment                   

  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Plumbing – Conveying systems: Elevators, lifts, escalators

  • Electrical distribution network: Panel boards, wiring device, lighting fixtures, earthling, lightning and surge protection

  • Automation & Security: Automatic doors and barriers, access control, fire alarm, CCTV, BMS, CATV, intrusion detection

  • Communication: Data and telephone systems

  • Emergency power supply: Generators, UPS, ATS, DC systems and batteries

  • Finishing: carpentry, false ceiling, metal, carpeting, etc.…

  • Office equipment: Scanner, Copier etc..

Fixing Electricity Lines


Civil Maintenance

Mechanical & Electrical

HVAC (Operation & Maintenance)

Energy/Safety Services

Water Management & Plumbing

Building Management System

  • Annual Maintenance Contract   

  • All Civil Maintenance

  • Preventive / Predictive Maintenance

  • 24/7 Support from our civil maintenance team

  • Co-ordination with contract agencies including third party  contractors

  • Statutory compliance

  • Energy conservation

  • Budgeting

  • Operations & Maintenance of all installations

  • Breakdown Maintenance

  • Preventive / Predictive Maintenance

  • Co-ordination with contract agencies including third party  contractors

  • Statutory compliance

  • Energy conservation

  • Budgeting

  • Training & Audits

  • MIS / Reporting

  • 24/7 Support from our technical team

  • Implementation of EHS policy (Environment, Health & Safety Policy)


Cleaning and Housekeeping Services

Pest Control


Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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Waste Management Services

Facility Services (Tower Management)


Facade Cleaning


Garden Hose Sprinkler

Landscape Services

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Sterilization and Sanitization

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